Gartner Cites 10 Developing Technology Trends That Could Offer Investment Opportuntiies

Trend #1: Battles between mobile devices. Mobile has replaced desktop. Cloud computing reinforces mobile trends. In 2013, mobile devices will completely outrun PCs in accessing the web. Apple leads, Android follows, Windows 8 will try to catch up.
Trend #2: HTML5 will become partners with the browser as the mainstream app developer environment.
Trend #3: The cloud will become the central digital abode for apps, content, and preferences. Syncing across devices will make services more valuable than the devices themselves.
Trend #4: There already is an internet of things. Things will dominate the web and have immense connectivity. Key technologies will be embedded sensors, image recognition, and NFC (near field communication).
Trend #5: Hybrid IT and cloud computing. IT departments will need to play more roles in coordinating IT related activities.
Trend #6: Strategic big data. Non-traditional data types and external data sources will become the focus of organizations. The five richest data sources on the web include social graph, intent graph, consumption graph, interest graph, and mobile graph.
Trend #7: Actionable analytics. Packaged analytics, cloud, and big data will accelerate in 2013. Mobile devices will have access to data and this will enable business decision making.
Trend #8: Mainstream in-memory computing. This will enable real time self-service business intelligence and will enhance performance and response times.
Trend #9: Integrated ecosystems. Software and services will be packaged to address infrastructure or application workload. Software will be delivered as hardware and appliances will become virtual over the next five years.
Trend #10: Enterprise app stores. 70 billion is the number of mobile app downloads that will exist by 2014. Most organizations will deliver mobile apps to employees through private application stores.

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