Imports also fell because oil prices were low. This kept the deficit from widening further. But the widening of the deficit could mean that US factories will come under pressure as economies around the globe continue to struggle.
Estimates for US economic growth were also reined in by some analysts. They say that global economies have been winding down for a while but this is the first indication it could be affecting the US economy in a meaningful way.
Meanwhile, Chinese exports to the US grew, widening the trade gap with China to a record 7.2% or $29.4 billion. As other countries cut spending, US exporters will be forced to cut prices. This along with a stronger dollar will make US goods less competitive.
In this cycle of weakening economies it seems there will have to be one country to lead the way toward recovery. Hopefully, the recovery in the US will gain momentum as well as breadth to offer a floor that can stabilize the downward trajectory and begin to turn it around.

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