Businesses Urge Towns To File Bankruptcy, Causing Possible Long-Term Damage To Municipalities

The push toward bankruptcy for towns has been growing to the point where it compares to homeowners walking away from their debt obligations and mailing their house keys to the bank. As more towns look to bankruptcy to solve their fiscal woes, the stigma lessens. 
But there may be much longer term repercussions long after any stigma has been forgotten. Cities and towns that file bankruptcy may cut themselves off from the ability to issue bonds in the future. This means that funding for city projects could be difficult.
Like Greece and other European countries, towns need access to credit markets. And unlike houses or businesses that fail, the bricks from town hall are unlikely to go up for auction.
Even if towns who file for bankruptcy can access the markets for funding, that funding will cost more and will push up other taxes. Although bankruptcy may be seen as a quick fix, its longer term consequences may be more costly than towns and the businesses within them currently realize.

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