Fritz's Two-Hour Class Gets 4.9 Stars And Critical Reviews

Independent economist Fritz Meyer's two hour CE session for July received an average rating of 4.9-stars from 100 attendees, and some criticism, too. The criticism is appreciated and is instructive.

A4A members can replay the session and get two hours of continuing ed credit. 

Getting a 4.9-rating month after month, as Fritz has done, is a record unmatched by other speakers who have taught over the last 10 years on Advisor4Advisors. It simply has not happened. Independent advisors have strong opinions and getting a near-perfect rating for teaching professionals about economics month after month is unprecedented. Moreover, these reviews are critical. Advisors tell us exactly what they think, as you can see in the comments below. 

Ideas like exploring potential effects of trade wars, Bain's labor 2030 report, and black swans are much appreciated. The suggestion about more information about foreign markets and international economics is really good.

As far as the cutting down the introduction, I hear you loud and clear. Thanks! But it is not 15 minutes. It is just five or 10. Giving the CE details, the dates of upcoming sessions, and telling A4A members about the new badges and listing for consumers is building a community. Sharing client marketing ideas based on the webinars is helping many A4A members serve clients better.

One takeaway: For advisors who might want to do webinars and podcasts of their own -- leveraging content from Fritz, Bob, or Craig's sessions -- remember that not everything you say will be loved by everyone. Your presentations will be criticized always. You cannot please everyone all the time. Even if you have rave reviews and an average rating of 4.9-stars at your sessions, there are always some who you cannot please.    

  • Great
  • Great
  • Great!
  • Well worthwhile investment of my time. So appreciate a modicum of truth in a distorted info world.
  • Excellent
  • Great
  • Great info and insight. Thanks.
  • Excellent!  I attend fritz's webinars most months to keep perspective while all the daily "noise" is there to upset the calm.
  • Great unemotional clarity!
  • I like the debunking of media headlines.  It is important we are able to understand what data is useful and does it give the right perspective.
  • Great, but too long today.
  • Fritz does a great job of debunking the so called "experts" whether they be wall street analysts or journalists!
  • I like fritz's critiques of press articles.
  • Very helpful insight & commentary!
  • Great but wish we'd gone over the answers
  • Always excellent
  • A very thorough analysis of today's markets and economy. Up to date refutations of media misinformation is part of the most valuable information that Fritz is imparting to the A4A audience. This is greatly appreciated, and is directly useful in addressing client questions and skepticism about the markets (generally wrongly). Thank you for the powerful ammunition in this respect. NT Times articles, WSJ articles, quotes and textual summaries are super valuable. Thank you as always.
  • My question was not answered
  • I really appreciate it when you incorporate current articles to support your views (very helpful).  Excellent as always!  Question:  if the "trade wars" and global tariffs continue (not just with China, but with the rest of the world, including many of our closest allies), are you at all worried about them being inflationary (globally) and encouraging the fed to raise rates sooner and faster than anticipated (aka driving us into recession sooner).  I would love to hear more on that.
  • Liked the commentary on trade this month
  • Lots to consume
  • Great!
  • Good clarity and explanation.  The trending discussion in mainstream business media always needs clarification and these reviews and discussions accomplish that very well.  It aids in guiding clients through their questions and concerns given that most will take the information on these outlets and presume their accuracy without understanding the underlying aspects of the analysis-which realistically can't be accomplished in the manner these shows are organized.
  • Good stuff!
  • Fantastic
  • Fantastic - definitely a fire hose, still trying to digest it all!
  • Smart, articulate, focuses on what's important, willing to address questions... What the hell's not to like?
  • Excellent explanation of current state of the economy and outlook.
  • Excellent.  I love the how the charts go way back in years. 
  • Very good info
  • Vg, as usual
  • Excellent
  • Really great info!  I feel very confident when explaining economic info to my clients on a daily basis.  Keep up the great work!
  • Webinars are always good but often a lot of repetition month to month.  What about doing this type of webinar quarterly and taking the other two months and going deeper on a subject such as potential effects of trade wars, Bain's labor 2030 report, black swans to look out for, etc.  Assume you would welcome the opportunity to move off the beaten path a little also.  Thanks for considering.
  • Loaded with facts and statistics.
  • Overall sound. Good flow.  Seems like fritz was multi-tasking towards the later portion and lost his train of thought.  
  • Fritz is amazing as always. Comprehensive and clear explanations
  • I liked it but i wish he were more international in his presentation. The u.s. equity market is only just over 50% of total global capitalization.  We need to know more.
  • Terrific!
  • Great
  • Awesome once again
  • Scary to realize that our clients read those newspapers.  Ending comment to diversify and rebalance says it best.
  • It was great, as always!
  • Excellent. Worth staying until the end, and then some.
  • I liked it, but didn't like the first 15 minutes where i was being "sold" - i pay a fee for education, not for 15 minutes of a sales pitch.
  • Always good.
  • Awesome
  • The graphs and newspaper clip discussions are informative
  • As always - loved it
  • Time very well spent! Thank you to fritz for pulling this together for us and walking us through it.
  • Always insightful and worth my time.
  • Great
  • Great job as always

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