Here’s what attendees said in awarding him a 4.1 out of five rating:
  • Great!
  • One of the best I have attended due to presenter's obvious depth of knowledge in the sector.
  • The subject matter is a bit dry and if an advisor is not working in the realm of energy investing, then the information might be of limited use or applicability. However, for an advisor in this area, the topic is very timely and of great importance. Again, depending on your clientele and your business model this webinar could be of value. Thank you.
  • "Dinosaur, needs to test drive a Tesla.   Blowhard good old boy.
  • A4A can do better than this."
  • I'm prejudiced because B.J. Willingham works with us.
  • I thought it was informational, and insightful
  • A bit too much information
  • A lot of information, particularly industry-specific language or concepts, made this a bit difficult to follow. Having said that, I have had similar reactions to other energy sector presenters, so it's not so much a reflection on BJ as one of their world v. our world. :) I appreciate his efforts and will have to listen to the replay for further digestion of the information.
  • I enjoyed this and BJ did a great job without overwhelming with detail. Good pace of presentation - not too much material and the speed of presentation was good.
  • Extremely helpful
  • BJ is obviously a brilliant, knowledgeable analyst on oil and gas, but he is NOT an expert on Energy Investing broadly speaking. This should have been entitled "A Planner'sGuide to Oil and Gas Investing."
  • He went on a tangent on the topic. For a person not well versed, lost interest.
  • One of the best-extremely informative
  • Very narrow focus, not my favorite topic
  • If you are not a General Partner, then you cant take the tax deduction for IDC.
  • Idea: be a GP for year 1 and take the tax deduction, then convert your ownership to LP to reduce liability risk exposure.
  • The first MLP was Bicleye in 1982!!


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