LPL Throws Its Advisors' Weight Behind The Financial Services Institute Hot

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LPL has signed up all of its 12,600 broker affiliates to a free year of membership in the Financial Services Institute.


FSI is presumably already aligned with LPL's goals -- it's run by Bill Dwyer, who just happens to be LPL's head of marketing -- so this largely just beefs up the group's membership.


LPL reps get access to FSI communications and analysis of breaking regulatory topics. 


The move represents a fairly significant expenditure on LPL's part. Next year, its reps who choose to remain members will have to pay a discounted $99 a year to stay in the group, so we are looking at over $1.2 million in membership fees here.


Dwyer says the group is the only one focused on "the industry-wide advocacy needs of independent financial advisors" and that the stronger relationship is designed to "protect" advisors' ability to stay in business, regardless of compensation model.


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