Bravo! A4A Previews The Advisor Portal TD Ameritrade Institutional Will Launch In 4Q2015 Hot

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Bravo, TDAI! the new version of Veo is a powerful advisor portal.


The below video is annotated with my comments across the bottom. Scroll through the video to see my running commentary on why TDAI deserves a standing ovation.


How does your custodian or BD advisor portal match up to what TDAI is launching?

What you see in this demo is the thoughful work of Jon Patullo, a managing director at TDAI who has been responsible for Veo since its inception nearly 15 years ago, along with Chris Valleley, who leads the Veo team day-to-day. They are the two voices leading the demo.


What's shown is coming out from alpha-stage testing by five advisors. It is Veo's integration with five apps -- including Orion, Redtail, MoneyGuide Pro. A beta test starts at the end of April. It will test 15 integrations, each with different widgets. You choose whether to display on your home pagein an easy to use settings section.. 

Traders have a set of widgets dfferent from planners. Administrative staff may need contact information but not get access to any widgets displaying client assets. The video opens with a principal's suggested view, a set of widgets just right for a principal.


Trades, performance, to-dos, money flows, and all kinds of workflows can be displayed through widgets. It's a way of making you do things beacuse they're staring you in the face.


The app is built using AngularJS (Javascript), an open source web development platform. 


For RIAs, Veo's latest versoin is a great tool because it displays data from your CRM, portfolio, financial planning and other apps in a single page customized to the roles of different people in your firm. That is a true portal!  Bravo!    


I am happy to look at Fidelity, Schwab, and the other custodians' advisor prortals. The culture at TDAI, to its credit, allows me to email Jon Patullo, a managing director. and set up an demo. The other custodiands don't give me that kind of access, but I'm happy to review all of them and show A4A members exaclty how they're different.

Using Veo to "synch" data across an RIA's enterprise is brilliant and will promote efficiency. I don't think any other custodian does that..

An advisor to see all of the apps driviing his business, there is no such thing as an advisor portal. No one makes app that is called an advisor portal. That's what this is. It's not made by a CRM, financial planning, or portfolio accounting software company. It's made to facilitiate business for an RIA working with custodian.







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