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This course equips practitioners with the knowledge , skills, and software to advise retirees and how to illustrate different “what-ifs” showing the chances of outliving their money.

A powerful Excel spreadsheet, developed by Craig L. Israelsen, Ph.D., over the past decade, is included with the course.

Annual updates to the data, software, and illustrations, along with the quarterly classes, provide a sustainable system for a professional investment management practice and maintaining lifelong client relationships.

This retirement analysis methodology complements MoneyGuide Pro, eMoney, and comprehensive financial planning.

A retirement portfolio optimizing decumulation, by definition, must not simply perpetuate the strategy employed in the accumulation phase.

For retirees at risk of outliving their portfolios, assets may be allocated more broadly to lessen the risk of bad timing – that is, sustaining a bear market loss just before or after retirement. The sequence of returns looms as a much larger risk.

The Retirement Portfolio Analysis Certificate Course includes quarterly updates of the latest data and portfolio perspectives. The certificate is earned by participating in two of the four quarterly classes conducted annually.

This course is available for credit on demand.

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