Fritz Meyer Gets Specific In Answers To Advisor Questions

Fritz Meyer rarely talks about political issues at A4A CE classes but in this 38-minute video he says a sweep by Democrats would lower corporate earnings. In answering 11 questions from advisors, and a few from me, Fritz gets specific about the strategic investment shift advisors should make, which breaks with traditional application of MPT.  


ICYMI, at last month’s CE class for financial professionals, Fritz said it is prudent for long-term investors to replace EAFE and commodities with other risk-assets. The classical asset classes containing commodities and EAFE indexed investments are off the efficient frontier.


In this screen-sharing session, Fritz also recommends advisors avoid market-cap weighted emerging market indexes. China has a government-controlled stock market. With 40% of the typical emerging markets index investment in China, Fritz suggests Philippines and Malaysia among several sensible replacements — if you insist on non-US asset classes.





The video also features a shout out to Tucson, Arizona advisor John Fitzgerald for suggesting an improvement to the slide illustrating S&P 500 volatility. We appreciate collaborating with advisors like John, who are independent thinkers. We'll make a habit of shouting out A4A member comments like this in the future. 


Directly below is the 35-minute talk from Fritz.

Below it is last week's video for consumers about the population bust affecting developed economies, excluding U.S.