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by a4a-manage     May 28, 2009    
(Updated: February 08, 2011)
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Nearly as powerful as Naviplan Extended but with refinements that make planning quicker.

I looked around this past year at two or three planning software products. None had the detail of planning I am used to with Naviplan Extended. I actually put them through real life testing with clients. My higher net-worth clients didn't like the output and lack of detail as well as Extended.

I suspect Extended users are a fussy lot and nothing I have seen near the price has matched up. By chance I happened to discover Naviplan Select which I had ignored thinking it an update of Standard. Once I got into it I found it very close to the Extended input but with the advantages of some very slick improvements. I was worried it might be dumbed down but such is not the case. I now develop plans quicker and with just as much detail as with Extended. I do think the price is a little high, however. I don't share the view of the first reviewer that it is suitable mainly for simple cases. I can see no difference in the reports it offers and, in fact, I have found some new reports I like very much. The estate planning module could be enhanced but compared to what I've seen elsewhere NaviPlan has by far the best estate planning module of any comprehensive software I've seen. This software provides flexibility to do very simple assessments to complex cash flow planning for affluent and high net-worth individuals.

User Review

The Good
Better user help than the old Extended. Side-by-side hypotheticals are a snap and fully customizable. As one who has used Extended for a decade I have found this program to be a breath of fresh air. It's features have been updated and enable me to do a plan much quicker than I could in Extended. There is no reduction in quality, detail, customization ability that Ican see. Nearly all the features I liked with Extended have been retained and even enhanced. It is much easier to sleuth out issues in the numbers. Context sensitive help much better than old Extended. The support team at NaviPlan is excellent. The online documentation has also been improved and is much more helpful.
The Bad
Too expensive. Does not interface with enough other CRM and performance programs. The Presentation add-on is, for me, worthless.
The Bottom Line
Excellent software for everything from simple to more complex cases. Needs more interfaces for integrating with other software programs. Good and responsive support.
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