Broker Auditor Gets Green Light To Charge Big Players More Hot

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The SEC has given a green light to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board to hire another 30 broker-dealer auditors as well as another 60 accountants to pore over the filings of security issuers.  


In all, PCAOB's budget clearance is rising by $227 million, but let's hope there's a lot more on their agenda than simply hiring 90 more auditors. 


Divide $227 million by 90 salaries and you've got a pretty huge payroll expense.


In any event, the broker-dealer community only has to pay $18 million of that new budget allocation, while the rest will be absorbed by listed companies.


And only the big brokerage firms will end up paying more. Last year,  only 15% of the firms in the industry saw their fees rise, which translates to the 700 biggest entities in the business.


That means on average $26,000 apiece -- maybe not much, but again, it remains to be seen how they'll divide the burden.



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