Tax Scam Alerts
by lisagray     March 20, 2012      0.0 (0) It’s tax time. And many of your clients are scrambling to get forms together, fund that IRA they set up in December, or get the cost basis of grandma’s stock they sold to pay her retirement home expenses. It’s also a prime time of vulnerability. Scam artists are everywhere; they’re not just in your inbox. They’re

Preferential Tax Treatment Comes Under Fire
by lisagray     March 16, 2012      0.0 (0) The media focus on Mitt Romney’s wealth and the amount of tax he pays brings attention to the difference in capital gains and ordinary income. The two are quite different, starting with their tax rates. Capital gains are taxed at a rate of 15%; ordinary income carries a top rate of 35%. Deciding which category income falls under is the t

Tax Help For Women Aids Financial Health And Success
by lisagray     March 09, 2012      0.0 (0) Thursday was International Women’s Day. It is a great reminder that women investors may have different concerns. Women may need education on what they need to know. For example, it’s a good idea for women to not only know what’s on their own tax return, but also what’s on their spouse’s. They may not be aware of a

Martin Shenkman's Two 2012 Tax Errors To Avoid
by ScottMartin     March 07, 2012      0.0 (0) New Jersey tax attorney Martin Shenkman is one of the gurus of every aspect of planning that touches on the IRS code. When I saw his "two tax mistakes to avoid," I had to pass them on.

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Proposal Before Senate Finance Committee Would Limit Stretch IRAs
by robertkeebler     February 08, 2012      0.0 (0) Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus Tuesday said he will release a modified mark-up of The Highway Investment, Job Creation and Economic Growth Act of 2012 ahead of the Committee's consideration of the bill.

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