Trust & Estate Tax Planning, 2019 Update, Zeroes In On Real Financial Professionals

Bob Keebler has been educating CPAs for decades about taxation of individuals. Having ghost-written a personal finance column that ran in 2,000 weekly and daily newspapers for the American Institute of CPAs from October 1983 to March 1986, I was privileged to get to know many the best CPAs in the country specializing in personal financial planning before I turned 30.

Bob follows tax geniuses like Sidney Kess, a legendary professional educator since the 1960s, who reportedly is still teaching! Thought leaders with a gift like theirs emerge once in a generation, savants at tax and financial planning, with a passion for it. Replay Bob’s trust and estate planning session to see why he gets such a high ratings and the comments below.


Bob started teaching tax on A4A 10 years ago and was our first monthly instructor. Then, Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., was invited to teach quarterly about portfolio design. In March 2011, economist Fritz Meyer, the perfect strategist for independent advisors, appeared, thus, completing with divine providence a vision for making the future of financial advice happen sooner.

Since getting started at the height of the October 2008 financial crisis, by hosting a webinar to bring together independent professionals, A4A has matured. If bringing together independent advisors is like herding cats, then herding the smartest 1% of you cats is 100 times harder. Despite great frustration, A4A has achieved its initial goal of building a community of the finest professionals in the nation, unifying you based on the content you value from Fritz, Craig, and Bob.

When you replay this session about trusts and estate planning, keep in mind that Bob has taught more than 120 classes on A4A, and Fritz and Craig have taught as many credit/hours. These three thought leaders have trusted me with their intellectual property for years because we shared vision to build something better. Our vision is now a reality, and A4A is a strong community supported by like minded professionals. Now we are going to take our collaboration deeper with those of you who are so inclined. Taking our collaboration to the next level, A4A 2.0 now bring our network to the public in and 

By segmenting real financial professionals in directories consumers can search to find a local financial professional by zip code, A4A is disrupting the education of financial advisors and their marketing. We’re dedicated to a brand of financial advice in the best interest of consumers and A4A 2.0 is institutionalizing this to benefit all concerned. 

Bob's received a 4.8 star-rating and attendee reviews are below.

  • Very informative
  • Not enough time - s/h/b twice as long
  • Good job. Bob gave a good overview of the key elements and terms impacting the estate planning area.
  • Pretty good, but a little basic
  • The charts really helped clarify aspects of this topic.
  • This was a solid introduction to the legal principles of trusts and estates. It is particularly useful to non-lawyers. Bob is a great teacher and makes difficult concepts easy to understand and comprehend with his instructional style. Also appreciate the various caveats that Bob consistently throws out to attendees on how to avoid certain pitfalls, how to use common sense when acting as an advisor in these cases, and how to avoid liability in general. This is very important to all advisors. Thank you. 
  • Very knowledgeable
  • This could have been 2 hours long with info available
  • Good refresher.  Need to cover some of these topics in greater depth.
  • Informative, clear, insightful
  • Helpful to have written answers to questions after presentaton
  • Way too simplistic
  • Very useful - wish there was more time!
  • Great
  • The best from Keebler yet.
  • Too basic for me but the slides are pretty good for the uninformed
  • Excellent topic - very informative!
  • I appreciated Mr. Keebler answering my question!
  • Fairly straight-forward info.  It's nice confirm your own knowledge in these areas.
  • Great
  • Good but very basic. It would be nice to hear more about tax planning strategies to distribute trust income to beneficiaries and avoid the punitive tax rates in the trust when you have flexibility.
  • "Keebler is great.  Thanks for being more timely with start and finish time."
  • Always great info and Bob always talks too fast.  It would be nice if he could slow down for the more complex concepts and give some examples and ok to be brief on the basic definitions, but he just races thru everything and it can be hard to follow when he's talking about these cross-state trust moves--those are NOT basic concepts the way that Grantor, Trustee, Beneficiary are!
  • This is the first webinar I found very boring


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With classes approved for over a decade by the CFP Board, IWI, and NASBA, Advisors4Advisors CE classes are an optimal knowledge stream for CFP®, CIMA®, CPA, CPA/PFS®, CFA®, and other practitioners. It's not a grab bag of speakers willing to sponsor CE content. Nor is it a one-man CE course. It's a group of subject matter experts with amazing communication skills and a history of thought leadership that, together, give advisors a well-rounded knowledge system for running a professional practice ethically and intelligently.

CE Since October 2008

A4A CE classes for financial professionals began in October 2008, the week Lehman Bros. collapsed. Initially billed as “The Financial Crisis Webinar Series,” A4A connects advisors with authoritative sources on investing, tax, and financial planning, chosen by A4A Editor Andrew Gluck, a veteran financial reporter. A4A members get a stream of CE classes for an advisor who: 

  • holds a CFP®, CIMA®, CPA, CPA/PFS, CFA or other designation requiring CE annually 
  • values monthly CE classes by Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen, Bob Keebler, Frank Murtha, or Andrew Gluck
  • diversifies a core of client portfolios in low-expense funds
  • invests based on MPT and economic fundamentals
  • advises on tax and financial planning as well as investing
  • needs financial counseling skills
  • wants the Certified Financial Counselor™ designation 
  • is building a brand as a thought leader locally or in a niche
  • wants the facts when bad news breaks
  • wants CE aligned with a content marketing system
  • wants 24/7 access to CE on-demand
  • insists on objective evidenced-based tax and investment planning analysis

CFP CE Reviews

Average Attendee Rating
Poor Average Excellent
"Good stuff"
Average Attendee Rating
Poor Average Excellent
"Participant needs ready access to all hand out materials before/during the presentation merely by hitting a print button on their office computer. Never a separate fee or subscritpion !..."
Average Attendee Rating
Poor Average Excellent
"he constantly repeats himself, wasting at least 25% - 33% of entire time devoted to presentation, tell him to stop repeating every other sentence"
Average Attendee Rating
Poor Average Excellent
"good information, i don't prepare returns, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and have my CPA license"
Average Attendee Rating
Poor Average Excellent
"Simple awesome"
Average Attendee Rating
Poor Average Excellent
"Not enough time to cover this complex topic. Also, it would have been more helpful if subject matter related to less affluent clients. "
Lynn Najman, CFP®
I’ve subscribed to A4A since its inception, and always find it intellectually stimulating and on point. It’s one of the few CE solutions out there that doesn’t waste my time by pushing product or talking down to me.


Pete Deacon, CPA, CFP®
A4A has had a profound effect on my business. Since 2009, I’ve relied on the consistent messaging and updates to run my business successfully. Being able to present the information from Bob, Fritz, and Craig's ongoing CE webinars has been a significant benefit.


Fredric Mayerson, MBA, PhD, CFP®
I've been a financial professional and professor of finance for 35 years and find Fritz Meyer and Robert Keebler to be among the most engaging, incredibly knowledgeable, and experienced presenters I’ve encountered. They deliver an extraordinary amount of information in an extremely interesting way — sequentially and developmentally, utilizing pedagogical tools and techniques that few possess.  A4A to is the most consistently excellent CE program available.  
Ron Roge, MS, CFP®
I’ve been attending A4A many years because the CE classes are outstanding, and my time is valuable. Though I have over 35 years of experience, I’m always learning something new on A4A. I attend fewer conferences now because the CE is generally not advanced. If you want to learn from the best, in a faster, easier, and less expensive way, I highly recommend A4A.

John R. Day, CPA/PFS®

I’ve been a member since 2011 and never miss the monthly webinars with Fritz Meyer. I appreciate Fritz’s independent views on the economy and markets and Bob Keebler keeps me updated on excellent tax planning ideas. A4A is a great value!


Norman Politziner, CFP

I wouldn't miss a Fritz Meyer webinar unless my pants were on fire. I've relied on Andrew Gluck's knowledge systems --client communications and CE -- for two decades. It's simply the best solution for tax, financial, investment, and risk-management professionals.®   

Dan Hawley, CFP® 

A4A, for over a decade, has been a great resource for useful and accurate information and CE. A4A and Advisor Products are bargains for an advisory practice. 


Kevin Brosious, MBA, CFP®, CPA/PFS®

I get CPA CE credit and CFP credit for the webinars.  But not only that, the A4A content is terrific