SlideShare Is A Great App For Advisors To Use For Marketing

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 05:22
SlideShare Is A Great App For Advisors To Use For Marketing

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With so much to do and so much to know, it's hard to know what to focus on. But I finally spent some time with SlideShare over the past few days. Here's what I learned.

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SlideShare is a very popular app and I have to admit that I have been late in getting around to trying it out. But I am glad that I finally took the time.  


SlideShare is one of the apps that is integrated with LinkedIn. So you can display your SlideShare content on your LinkedIn profile page. That's one of the good reasons to use it.


Say you have a presentation about Modern Portfolio Theory that you want to share with prospects. You can post it on SlideShare and it would show up on your LinkedIn profile.


See how SlideShare looks on my LinkedIn Profile.


But SlideShare has many benefits beyond LinkedIn. When you post a presentation, you are given "embed" code. You can simply paste that code into a blog post or, for that matter, any other Web page and your presentation is displayed on that Web page. Here below is how that looks.



Fritz Meyer Sample Presentation
View more presentations from Advisor Products.


It took me about one minute to embed the slide show above into this page. It's a simple copy and paste.


To see what embed code looks like, look for the embed button on a presentation I posted.


In addition to being able to easily embed your presentations, SlideShare has some search engine optimization features that can boost your presentation's rankings.


You can "tag" your presentations with keywords. That will make it more likely to be displayed when people search those keywords. You also are asked in SlideShare to give your presentation a title and write a brief summary about it, and those items are indexed by search engines. It's wise to use your keywords in the title of your presentation and in the summary of the presentation.


In addition, posting content like a slideshow on a third party site that links to your website or blog boosts your search engine rankings. By posting content that is viewed widely on the Web and that links back to your website or blog, it gives your website or blog more "link popularity."  The same is true of posting videos on YouTube that link back to your website or blog.


Another benefit of having SlideShare account is that you can upload videos. Moreover, videos don't have the limitations of YouTube, which does not let you post videos more than 15 minutes in length. While SlideShare does have a limit, it's more generous. 


The first time you use SlideShare, be prepared to spend an hour or two. You'll need to set up a "channel" on the site and fill in profile information about yourself and your firm. 


You may want to start your account from LinkedIn, as this will integrate the account immediately with your LinkedIn profile. To get started, log into LinkedIn and click on the top menu's button for "more." Then choose "get more applications."


Let me know if you find this post about SlideShare useful or whether you're a SlideShare user and have found it helpful.



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I have had an account but learned several things from your article that can help me use it more effectively. The next step is to try it out.
johnc763 , March 11, 2011
One other benefit I like about SlideShare is that even with the free account, you can see basic metrics about the number of times each presentation was viewed.

The presentation I prepared for FPA Business Solutions has over 250 views (I didn't present it in person as I cancelled my trip because I got the flu).

SlideShare breaks down the views by those seen using the embed code on other websites and those seen on the SlideShare page. That way advisors can have a rough idea just how many impressions an uploaded presentation receives.

billwinterberg , March 14, 2011

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