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Best Effort Every Day
Thursday, October 27, 2011 23:22

Best Effort Every Day!

It’s a chilled October day at the stadium and it’s perfect for this rivalry game. The home team is trailing 7-3 and there’s three seconds left in the
game. They have the ball on the two yard line and it’s 4th and goal. This is the last play of the game. If the defense succeeds at their goal line stand they will win. If the offense can punch it in then they will win. This is it, last play, winner take all.

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The reticular activating system of the brain is on fire. It is sending signals to flood the basal ganglia and the limbic area of the brain and generates a “flight or fight” physiology. Nor-epinephrine is released and the pupils are dilated to improve vision. The heart pumps faster, increasing blood pressure to accelerate the delivery of oxygen. Breathing increases as the lungs take in more oxygen. The sweat glands are working to cool the body. The adrenal glands secrete cortisone, blood moves from the extremities to your major muscle groups, digestion stops, you are ready to go. There is a narrow focus of attention as each member of the each team will have maximum effort or best effort on this last play.  
This is the goal line stand. Best effort from everyone. Why doesn’t each player on each team put forth this type of effort on every play? Is this possible? The answer is yes. It just takes a certain type of brain input to generate the goal line stand physiology and effort. If you can do it once, you can do it every play. It takes focus.
Let me say this a different way. My son Tyler is taking tennis lessons. He’s seven years old. He’s learning good motor skill habits at a young age. Many times he’ll swing with correct technique coming from low to high but he’ll miss the ball. His swing and follow through were correct but he just missed the ball. He’ll get it.
During one lesson he hit a nearly perfect backhand. What a sweet and smooth almost effortless stroke with the ball going deep into the court, a winner! He had a neurological firing to produce that muscular movement resulting in the perfect shot. If he can do it once it means that he is capable of duplicating it again. If he can keep firing those same neurons they will wire together and he will have a pattern or a habit. If the athletes can have supreme effort on one play then they can have it on every plan.
I’d like to think that I’m in the speaking, training and coaching business. The truth is I’m in the marketing business. Without marketing a terrible thing happens, nothing! The other day I made 85 calls, 48 contacts, 53 actual dials and 32 emails. That’s an A rated activity day. If I can do that level of activity one day, then I can do it every day.
How about you? What is your level of effort every day? Do you want to make more money? I’ll assume yes. Then see more people. The insurance folks have a saying, Seymour Sellmore. If you see more people you will sell more people. Every industry has their numbers. The insurance folks say that you need to make 100 calls to get 10 prospects from which you will set appointments with 3 and sell 1.
At one time the pressure washer industry had this ratio;
See 15 people a day to get one demo. Make 4 demos and you’ll have one sale with the national average being $4000 per machine sold. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of these numbers but I’ll bet you could get them from CETA’s best practice program.
If you want to make more money you need to put more energy into the system and see more people. The receipt is to be very precisely prepared, well researched meaning know who uses pressure washing equipment in your territory, map out each day for efficiency and then simply execute with passion. You’ll need to have excellent measurement and tracking. You’ve got to know the score. You can’t control the mind of the marketplace but you can control your own efforts. Let me put it this way, you must control your own efforts.
Let’s go quantum!
Using two villages on opposite sides of Geneva as their lab, Swiss physicists have taken one of the strangest phenomena of quantum physics to new heights. They sent a pair of photons along fiber optic cables, one to each village. When they measured one photon upon its arrival, the other changed instantaneously-though it was 11 miles away. This strange relationship is called quantum entanglement.
Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics that governs the very small. Your thoughts are in the quantum realm. Classical physics governs the large, the movement of the planets, and the effects of gravity, action-reaction, cause and effect.
This means that you must operate within the probabilities of both branches of physics. You must obey action-reaction, cause and effect by having enough effort and energy put into the system (classical physics) and you must obey the laws of the quantum world by having thoughts of possibilities and success. Together, you can not be stopped. Success is a certainty.
The quantum world says that everything from an inanimate object such as wood to a live entity such as man is all made of the same thing, energy. In fact Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2 states that energy (effort) and matter (results=sales) are the same. It’s like water and ice, two different states of the same thing. Everything is energy. Everything is entangled. Everything and every one is interrelated.
What you seek is also seeking you. If you want more sales then go out there and execute your plan, see more people and you too will act at a distance. You will become entangled and have an impact on another meaning you have the solution that someone is seeking. It’s all about you, your effort, your preparation, your attitude and your consistency.
Any questions?
Coach Bob
Bob Davies, B.S. Health, M.Ed. Psychology is a speaker, author, trainer and coach. His principles of performance excellence are scientifically based and guarantee results. He is a corporate CEO coach and works with individuals to help them to coach for best effort every day.
Why You Earn What You Do
Wednesday, October 05, 2011 10:58

You earn what you do because, to a large degree, that’s how much you’ve allowed yourself to earn up to this point in time.


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Two Advisors can have the same goals, provide essentially the services to the same markets, and yet achieve vastly different levels of success. Let’s face it: Everyone has their own physical, mental and emotional differences, and we all hold different belief systems. I know of no one who is completely unbounded, completely free, who can think as big and as positively as is possible.

We all hold some type of self limiting core beliefs which hold us back from reaching more goals, in this case, the goal of earning higher income. Negative, self limiting core beliefs can hold us back from earning higher income far more than anything “out there,” such as time, money, education, experience, sales or marketing abilities, etc.
The first step to changing anything is become aware of it, but most of our beliefs have never been questioned and, therefore, remain subconscious. Whenever we see an outcome we don’t like, we need to actively question the underlying assumptions and beliefs we hold regarding that subject, and why we hold them. 
Below are three broad categories that cover many negative beliefs Advisors hold, along with their antidote:
Fear - Examine any negative belief you hold and ask yourself what are you really afraid of?  The answer may astound you. For example, you may have a fear of failure, but most people have a greater fear of success. Fear of failure will motivate you to a minimum level of security, (normally associated with the comfort of mediocrity), but fear of success will keep you stuck there! 
Asking yourself why you hold these beliefs is the key to revealing your true motivations. For example, you may have a fear of additional responsibility, changing your socio-economic status, or fear you won’t have time to spend with family, friends or yourself. Getting real takes honesty and courage. But often just identifying the fears and the reasons why releases you from their grip, paving the way to greater accomplishments.
Lack - Another root cause of many self limiting beliefs is the concept of Lack. You either believe the universe is unlimited in energy and resources or you don’t. There’s no in-between. For many people, their world consists of Lack; lack of time, lack of energy, lack of money, lack of health, etc.
Is there enough to go around for everyone, or isn’t there? You tell me, because whatever you believe at the core level is what’s going to show up in your world. For many Advisors, changing this core belief unlocks the key to increasing levels of success.
Struggle - A third area that trips up many Advisors is the underlying belief that life is a struggle.  You need to be serious, especially in our business, right? You need to work hard and you will be rewarded. In fact, the harder you work, the more income you generate. Says who? Where did this belief come from, and is it really true? Many people love to prove how hard they work and how they’ve overcome obstacles. So much so, they even create their own obstacles to overcome!
Look around…Many Advisors bring home significantly more revenue with less effort. It is possible. Do you believe that? Do you believe you deserve that? Are you ready? How can you serve fewer clients and earn more money? Do less, but accomplish more. Upgrade your clientele and serve all “A Level” clients, provide all “A Level” service, and collect all “A Level” fees.


Replace your old, unconscious belief systems based on fear, lack and struggle, and transform them into ones of courage, abundance and ease. What kind of person do you need to become in order to accept more abundance in your business and life? What characteristics do you need to develop? Do you need to become more patient, kinder, more generous, eliminate anger, become more organized, or learn to set healthy boundaries?


Embrace these changes and manage them to your advantage. Do not resist. If you don’t believe it’s possible, then it cannot be for you. If you had all the time, money, contacts, energy and resources in the world, what would you do? If you had only 24 hours to live, how would you spend it? What regrets might you have? Now is the time to build the business and life you want.


But in order to change your habits you must change your thinking. Look at where you’re uncomfortable, your hot buttons. That’s a great place to start. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, with a certain degree of uncertainty. If you try to change your behavior without changing your thoughts, it will just be a strain. If there is any limitation to your income, first look within. 

Change your attitude and you change your life.  Success is a state of mind!


A Morning Success Ritual
Monday, October 03, 2011 18:15

The way you start your morning will determine your attitude for the rest of the day.

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How do you start your morning -- do you hit the snooze button 2 or 3 times, then jump up at the last minute?  Do you set a world record for the fastest shower, throw on some clothes, then wolf down hot coffee and stale donut in the car while you make last minute grooming adjustments?  On your commute are you listening to talk radio that's telling you the world is just about to end (stay tuned ...) or speaker-rattling music designed to lift your begrumbled morning spirits on the way to being late (again) to the office?  Ever wonder if there's a better way to get going?

Not to brag, but people who know me tend to describe me as a positive and confident person.  This wasn't always true -- I describe myself as a "formerly shy, low self-esteem underachiever with a bad attitude."  In other words, I was a normal Chicago-kinda guy through my 20's and into my early 30's.  And I was mostly frustrated and depressed about my prospects for the good life.

So how did I turn things around?  In the early '80's I began to read books on goal setting, listen to motivational audio programs and go to personal development seminars -- 25+ years later I'm now an "overnight success."  These resources inspired some new habits, among them a morning "Success Ritual" that has served me well, which I'll share here:

    •  Morning recitation  I don't know what time you get up, but my dog got me trained to walk and feed him at around 5 am every day (yes, even weekends). While on this morning stroll I recite aloud the following:

           My Mission Statement  Per instructions in Napoleon Hill's classic success book Think and Grow Rich, years ago I created "a statement of chief definite aim," then committed it to memory.  I now recite it every day so that the vibrations of sound can reach my subconscious mind.   According to Hill this exercise is the starting point of all "riches," both monetary and otherwise.

           Affirmations  I learned from Brian Tracy that using positive affirmations as you start your day is a key to thinking and feeling positive most of the time.  If doing this is good enough for a successful person like Brian Tracy, it's good enough for me.  So I use several custom-made affirmations to reinforce my belief in my capability to achieve whatever I want.

           Gratitude/Blessing Statements   I would never describe myself as "religious" in a traditional sense.  Yet I want to give thanks to God for all my blessings which are far too numerous to count.  So I put these thoughts into words with the belief that "Someone" actually hears them.  And I make a point to bless all of my friends, family, associates, clients and prospects -- past, present and future ... covers just about everyone, doesn't it?

This recitation takes all of 5 minutes.  Yes -- there are probably people who drive by at that early hour who are wondering who the crazy guy is that always seems to be mumbling to himself or his dog.  They have no idea I'm in the process of using "mental floss" on my attitude!

    •  Mediation/Visualization  After the dog is walked, I come and and sit down cross-legged on a little cushion for a 5 - 10 minute meditation/visualization session.  With eyes closed I take a few deep breaths, then initially try to clear my mind of all thoughts.  After a minute or two I begin to picture the outcomes of the goals I've set for myself as vividly as possible.  For example, I will picture a certain number of coaching client folders in my file, or a picture of an investment statement with my financial goal on it.  I have not found the need (nor do I have the patience!) to go longer than this -- the key is:  I never miss a day, even when I've been out late the night before.

    •  Health shake  I've never been a breakfast eater -- seems like nothing's happened yet to work up an appetite.  I found that when I just had coffee around 10 am I would get hungry.  So several years ago I began to make my own version of a "health shake," which is tasty, nutritious and keeps the mid-morning sag away.

    •  Motivational audio program  I leave most weekday mornings by 7 am for the commute to my office, and I have the habit of listening to a motivational/inspirational/educational audio program.  It's not that I dislike music or talk radio -- it's just that these don't put me in the right frame of mind on my way to being a great coach for my clients.  And the ideas I learn can put money in my pocket; when I share them with clients it can put money in their pockets too.

    •  Morning reading  Before I get to the office I stop for coffee at a local Starbucks for about 20 minutes.  In order to fulfill my annual learning goal of at least 40 books per year I always carry a book that will give me ideas to help me succeed.   These range from biographies of successful people to sales, marketing, networking, business or personal development.   I heard a quote that goes, "If you want to be in the top 10% of your field, read an hour a day."  I have averaged 5 hours per week of reading and listening to material related to coaching for the past 10 years, and lo and behold:  According to a study, I am in the top 10% of earners for coaches -- what a surprise, huh?

I'm not suggesting you do your morning Success Ritual exactly the same way I do.  For example, you may find that working out in the morning while listening to a motivational audio works best -- fine.  Morning prayers from a prayer book?  Great!  I just want to encourage you to pick some "attitudinal fitness exercises" every morning to inoculate yourself against the deadly unseen "negativity virus" that pervades our culture.  By taking this on to start your day you'll first build and then maintain a positive attitude, which will lead to a successful day.  String these together and you have the foundation of a successful and happy life.

Tribal Leadership Is About We and Not Me
Monday, September 26, 2011 19:00

Tags: leadership | management

We versus MeDave Logan talks about successful tribal leadership being about we versus me.  I find this concept true.  Most of time winning is about me.  Team sports are often about we, but many play team sports as if it’s about me.

Most business interactions revolve around winning and losing.  Winning seems to be about me and losing is about you.  The lack of personal responsibility in many businesses keeps them from being as successful as they could.

Having a culture where winning and losing is important keeps organizations from achieving excellence.  People aren’t going to give their best or highest effort if they’ve had experiences of being blamed when things go wrong.  They won’t give their best effort if that effort accrues to the benefit of their boss.

Instead of thinking about winning and losing, let’s think about constant improving.  If we as a tribe can do one little thing better a day, the cumulative effect over a year is often very impressive.

Excellence is always about us.  We can achieve great things together.  I’ve never done anything worthwhile by myself.  There has always been people who have helped along the way.  Show appreciation for those people who help makes them want to help more. 

A term I’ve heard for this behavior is the virtuous circle.  The more we help others, the more appreciation others show for that help, the more we want to help them in future. 

Appreciation builds trust.  We will take chances if we trust others and trust that if things go wrong we’re not going to be blamed. 

Rules that make for successful tribes might be:

·      We is more important than me.

·      Share success and take responsibility for things going wrong.

·      Create a virtuous circle in your actions.

·      Say thank-you when someone helps you.

·      Understand that constant improvement is often more important than winning or losing.

·      We stand on the shoulders of giants.  Spend some time in appreciation of those who have come before us.

What are your rules around tribal leadership?  Is we really more important than me?  If so, why?

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You vs. The Boob Tube -- Who's in Charge of Programming Your Mind?
Wednesday, September 07, 2011 08:59


"Television is cotton candy for the mind."  Brian Tracy

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I don't mean to make light of serious situations, but I have a hard time getting worked up about the news on TV if I happen to catch some of it.  Living in Chicago, I do pay attention to the important stuff -- the weather, which helps me plan what I'm wearing every day.  And the sports -- gotta know what the Cubs, Bears and the Bulls are doing.  (Usually losing, but I don't take that personally.) 

Have you noticed what is considered news by television producers?  Lets take a look at the hot topics that show up almost every day on the tube with the underlying message of each:

The World  Terrorists.  Civil wars.  Genocide.  Poverty.  Hunger.  Neighbor threatening neighbor with nukes -- we're all just one itchy finger away from being blown to Kingdom Come.

Politics  At best, politicians are bozos.  At the core, they're sleazy, self-serving and ultimately corrupt.  The majority should be impeached, if not lynched.  You can't trust any of them, and soon our democracy will lie in ruins at their hands.

Business  Corporations are trying to sell you poorly made stuff you don't need so they can pay their top execs humongous salaries, then lay off thousands of hardworking, honest employees to insure their bonuses.  Let's face it -- they're gonna rip you off.

The Markets  Everyone's investments are dropping like a rock.  The markets are never stable so you'd be a fool to invest.  If you have, you'll soon be broke.  Welcome to the next Great Depression.

Health  Heart attacks, cancer, obesity, AIDS -- some incurable disease is coiled like a cobra, waiting to strike.  You're gonna die a lot sooner than you and your loved ones thought.

Local Scene  Homicide, robbery, accidents, kidnappings -- it's not safe in the streets.  If you go out, you're asking for trouble, as murderers, thieves and con artists are lurking around every corner for you to be their next victim.

Now is this the kind of stuff you want to feed your head with?  I view it as entertainment.  But many people get all bent out of shape, which is exactly what the news is designed to do:  Get you in an emotional state of anxiety, fear, outrage.  Why would TV producers want to do this?  So you'll STAY TUNED -- they need the ratings to keep their advertisers paying outrageous sums to show you commercials.  That way they get to keep their jobs.  They even hope the news will make you SICK -- ever notice how many ads there are for medication during a typical prime-time news broadcast? 

So what's the alternative?  I recommend you create your own version of "You Tube" to start each morning:  Read your Mission Statement, recite empowering Affirmations, Visualize your goals as if you've hit the "Instant Replay" button on what you're trying to accomplish, and give thanks to God that for all your blessings, which could include not programming your mind with the nasty tripe TV producers are serving up.  Avoid the boob tube's version of "reality" -- it's the best way to stay positive in the negative world of TV news.

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