About A4A's Chat App And How We Can Use It In The Next Market Meltdown

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 09:46
About A4A's Chat App And How We Can Use It In The Next Market Meltdown

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With the A4A digital community growing, it might be helpful to explain our chat app, which you may have noticed in the lower right hand corner of the home page.


The feature chat on A4A could come in handy during the next market panic.


Independent advisors are isolated, which could be a disadvantage at times that news is moving fast.


You are not sitting in a bullpen filled with dozens of other advisors, and you don't have a big trading room with rows of Bloomberg terminals.


But you do have this digital community to turn to. 


The next time we have a market panic or major news event, please know the staff of Advisors4Advisors will be online here.


Our reporters will be monitoring Twitter (where news of the Bin Laden killing broke first), watching TV, and tracking online news sources live and chatting links to updates.    


While that chat feature may not be something you have used yet, it could come in really handy in a crisis for our members.









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