Introduction to Retirement Distribution Planning; Bob Keebler’s Advanced Planning For IRAs & Qualified Retirement Plans Course (Class 1 Of 8)

Robert Keebler
Saturday, October 1, 2022 4PM EST
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IRAs and other federally qualified retirement plans (QRPs)are central to personal financial planning, impacting estate and income tax as well as retirement planning. This nine-credit course comprehensively covers the most important concepts in planning for IRA and qualified plan accounts.

This class introduces foundational concepts, including why retirement distribution planning is important and details about making IRA contributions.

Learning objectives and highlights include

    ●  Key non-tax estate and financial planning issues

    ●  Retirement rollover strategies

    ●  Which retirement assets to withdraw funds to meet everyday living expenses

    ●  10-percent penalty for early withdrawals from IRAs and qualified plans

    ●  Taxation of IRA distributions

    ●  When should a client convert a regular IRA to a Roth IRA? 

    ●  Who should be the beneficiary of an IRA? 

    ●  How to utilize disclaimer plans

    ●  When to make an IRA payable to a trust

    ●  Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of taking stock from a qualified plan

    ●  When to have an IRA payable to a charitable remainder trust

    ●  How to design life insurance trusts to compliment a large IRA

    ●  The advantages and disadvantages of the inherited IRA

    ●  Post-mortem planning, including the September 30th deadline

    ●  Same-sex marriages

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