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A 4.9-Average Star Rating For Israelsen's Greatest Client Hits Hot

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Craig Israelsen, using metaphors to explain complex investment concepts, received a 4.9 average star rating and rave reviews for his CFP continuing education session comprised of his favorite clients lessons.

For example, Craig recalled a piece of wisdom given to him about raising his six children. “The child who needs love the most is likely the one who deserves it the least,” he said. Anyone who has ever loved a child knows that’s true and can relate to managing a difficult child.

Using the complexity of parenting a child as a metaphor for diversifying a portfolio communicates the complexities in human terms that clients understand.

Below are comments from some of the attendees of the live session.

Replay the session and get CFP CE credit. CIMAs also get continuing ed credit, too.

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  • Loved the metaphors!
  • Wonderful
  • Not new, but timeless
  • Another excellent webinar by Craig!  Simple yet powerfully conveyed ideas. 
  • Excellent
  • He gets an A+, as usual
  • Very helpful
  • Clear, simple, memorable
  • Was good, most of the information I have heard before, but always good to hear again and review the basics.
  • Excellent job
  • Probably more helpful for younger, less tenured advisors
  • As usual, very helpful for client understanding
  • Interesting
  • Really informative
  • Excellent.  Really good, helpful, insightful.
  • We run over every time. Please limit the intro discussion that runs 10 minutes every seminar.
  • Excellent
  • It was good! Took him a little while to find his flow but he shared great material. Loved his practical analogies!
  • Craig is a very effective lecturer
  • Thank you to Craig for his continuing use of metaphors to allow advisers to find a way to communicate the concept of diversification to lay clients. The study using the rolling periods to demonstrate ACTUAL returns for the $35,000 annual salary is very useful to show young people why saving is important. It is also much more pertinent than using Monte Carlo, which I feel is always suspect. Craig correctly points out that Monte Carlo is only a guess based on presumed assumptions. His method is better.
  • It was simply great.
  • Excellent!
  • Great information, explained clearly.  Very helpful
  • Other than going too long (55min is ideal), I thought the use of Engine/Brake and Salsa metaphors was brilliant. His materials help with the presentation as well.
  • Very informative...a good refresher on Craig's philosophy and ideas

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