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The Nexus Of Investor Behavior And Expectations Hot

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Craig Israelsen highlights the nexus of investor expectations and behavior, the point where investors expect too little of themselves and too much from their portfolio. Dr. Israelsen confronts a common investor mistake, one that’s in front of us but overlooked.  

In a session that received an average rating of 4.7 out of five, Dr. Israelsen tells advisors to teach clients that the performance of their portfolio is not something they control, but their savings rate is something they do control.  A client's willingness to fund a portfolio is a more important factor in retirement results because contribution rates can be upped or reduced, while you cannot change the performance of the portfolio. 

See the session and receive continuing education credit.   

Comments from attendees:

  • Excellent
  • Great as always
  • Excellent, as always.
  • Thanks
  • Logical thought process with good graphics.  Nice blend of psychology and real world numbers to manage behavior
  • Good job. Great material.
  • Outstanding!  Great teaching tool.
  • Some good illustrative examples that would make a client think...
  • Well presented; Question 3 is N/A
  • Craig's presentation was very clear and compelling.
  • Thank you to Craig for illustrating the differences between the savings rate and the rate of return scenario for 25 year old client retiring at age 65, This sort of illustration is a very valuable tool to use with young clients (or children of older clients) to show them that if they save modestly, they will be a millionaire at age 65. Also appreciate Craig's deliberate and measured presentation style. His students are fortunate to have him.
  • This was Craig's best presentation yet!
  • Great, as always
  • Great
  • This one was a bit dry for me, and I normally like Craig's webinars.
  • Good
  • Fantastic basic research to help me get a better handle on understanding markets and asset allocations.
  • An excellent reminder of concepts that are intrinsic to my way of practicing

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