While We Are In The Spirit Of Holiday Giving, Cybercriminals Are Taking

Tis the season for cybercriminals!  As we prepare for this holiday season, it is important to remember cybercriminals are just waiting to steal our personal information.

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Less Than A Week Away From Google Reader’s Shutdown, Have You Switched To Another Feed Reader?

Google announced several months ago that it would be shutting down Reader. Have you switched to another feed reader yet? Which one is best?

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With A Terabyte Of Free Storage, You'd Be Nuts Not To Move All Your Photos To Flickr

I uploaded about 1300 photos to Flickr this past weekend, following Yahoo's announcment last week that Flickr was giving users a terabyte of space for free, and a story in today's New York Times confirms I was thinking right.    

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Yahoo Gives Photo Sharing Site, Flickr A New Look And Offers One Terabyte Of Free Storage Space

Flickr, a photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo!, got a huge upgrade. With Yahoo! fighting to make itself more relevant, Flickr will now give you one terabyte of free storage for your photos.   While everyone wants to consolidate their files as much as possible, we're already seeing seeing apps that let you manage free storage space from multiple providers in a single interface. So this could be an ingenious move by Yahoo!.   In addition to the massive upgrade in storage, Yahoo! gave Flickr a new interface that is much more modern.          

IPad, iPhone Users Can Search Google With Voice Commands With New "Google Now" App for iOS

Google Now and voice search is available today for iPad and iPhone. Previously, the service was only available on Android devices running Android 4.1

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