With A Terabyte Of Free Storage, You'd Be Nuts Not To Move All Your Photos To Flickr Hot

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"Yahoo may be nuts to offer a deal like this," writes David Pogue, a Times tech columnist, "but you’d be nuts not to exploit it."


To be clear, a terabyte (TB) is 1,024 gigabytes. A terabyte is about the same amount of information as all of the books in a large library. My 1300 photos, all shot on a Canon EOS Rebel camera, took up about 25GBs of storage space. Flickr says you should be able to upload 600,000 5.5-megapixel photos with the allowed free space.


Flickr is owned by Yahoo! and it fell into disrepair in recent years, after Yahoo! lost momentum to Google as the search engine. With Marissa Meyer taking over at Yahoo! a few months ago, Yahoo's making some interesting moves. It has revamped Flickr and is being praised for making the photo-sharing site more user friendly and graphically appealing. Getting people to load their photos is just one way Yahoo! is planning to make its portal popular again. 


Uploading photos is fast, depending on your Webh connection, but you can only upload 200 at a time. Flickr has an app for Android phones and tablets, iOS phones and tablets, and WindowsPhones. (Nothing for Windows tablets yet.)


You can share photos only with family and/or friends. just be careful who can view your photos when you upload them, or edit your sharing settings in the personal information of your account. 


If you want to back up your photos or share them, Flickr is much better than using Dropbox. SkyDrive or other storage sites that charge you once you usee more than a specified amount of storage. And you can edit your pictures online. 






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