GoDaddy’s Outage Caused More Disruption Than Just Websites Going Down Hot

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This outage caused a few of our clients to lose internet access because of the settings in their own firewall.  Some firewalls have advanced features that are meant to fail over to an alternate internet line when the primary line is down. Because the firewall could not reach the website it used to determine that the internet was up the firewall shut down the internet.  
We have all become so dependent on the internet that we can't to have the internet be down.
Some recommendations to prevent this from happen to you:

  1. Have at least two internet providers of different technology (ie Cable, Fios or Fiber)
  2. Test your firewall to make sure the fail over is working properly
  3. Use a Wireless 4G USB or Mifi for backup (some firewalls can be configured to use as second internet)
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