Google Changes Search Algorithm; For Advisors It Means Fresh Content Is More Important

Friday, November 04, 2011 13:14
Google Changes Search Algorithm; For Advisors It Means Fresh Content Is More Important

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About 35% of Google's search results are being affected by changes to its algorithm, making fresh content more important in search engine optimization.


While the vast majority of advisors remain social media "wannabes," the tweak to Google's algorithm is one more in a series of changes by Google that makes tweets more important in search engine optimization.


Google remains the leader in search, with about 70% of all searches conducted on its platform. But Twitter and Facebook are getting better at competing with Google. More and more Web users are searching those social networks for news on breaking news. 


For advisors, Google's effort to make search results include more "trending topics" means social media content created by you, Mr. Advisor, is crucial in financial advisor online



While most advisors--in fact, most people over 30--are feeling overwhelmed by the firehose of social media information, the trends in technology are reinforcing the need to become active socially on the Web by using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, video-sharing sites and other social media. While that is not welcome news for advisors already overwhelmed by the financial crisis and continuing difficulties of the world economy, it's today's reality.


While "tweeting" 140-character status updates sounds like something no serious financial advisors wants to do, it is tied with search engine optimization. It helps advisors get found with targeted marketing. Targeted marketng is great for financial advisors. It adresses a specific audience. 


If you don't see it, you're just not paying close enough attention.



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