With FCC Study Showing Internet Speeds Are Slower Than Advertised By Internet Service Providers, Why Isn’t The Government Fining Them For False Advertising? Hot

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A Federal Communications Commission report Tuesday revealed that Cablevision provides much slower Internet speed than it promises in advertisements, while Verizon FIOS is faster than advertised.

“In general, we found that even during peak periods, the majority of ISPs were providing actual speeds that were generally 80% or better than advertised rates, though there was considerable variation among the ISPs tested,” says the report.

Why is the government okay with any misrepresentation about the speed of the connection advertised by ISPs?

If 20% of the performance numbers that financial advisors provided clients, would that be okay?

Cablevision reportedly is the biggest offender. According to the report, during peak usage hours between 6 p.m. and midnight, it delivered only about 40% less than is advertised download speed.

The FCC study was done by a research company hired by the FCC, which equipped 9,000 consumers with devices to clock their speeds.

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