Google+ Is Getting Good Reviews, But That Doesn't Mean An Advisor Should Jump To The New Social Network Hot

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Google+ sounds like Google’s best effort yet at social media. But advisors need be in no rush to jump in.


I’ve not myself used Google+, but based on facts presented by Personal Tech columnist David Pogue in The New York Times earlier this week, the promising system has some “glitches.”
Beyond fixing the glitches, however, Google faces a far more formidable task: Facebook is not standing still.
To be clear, the software bugs and usability challenges Pogue mentions are real problems for Google. But they’re the kind of problems that can be fixed by throwing smart people in a room for a week or two.
The Facebook part of the equation is a more difficult challenge.
For Google to steal market share from Facebook, Google needs something Facebook cannot do. That’s a big hurdle.
Pogue mentions that with Circles, Google has created a better way to separate your online business persona from your personal persona. The solution sounds great.
But Facebook can now build on that new way of classifying social groups and one up Google, while respecting any patents Google may have on Circles. And since Facebook has dominance, that’s a big advantage in its favor.
It’s a benefit of incumbency.
Point is, Google+ may develop a great tool like Circles, but Facebook--if its user base and market share are threatened--could create its own version of Circles to deflect any serious challenge from Google.
While this could change in the months ahead, there’s no reason for advisors to jump on Google+ while it still has some kinks. Professionals won't use it till its proven. Professionals can't afford to waste any time on gitchy systems since their time is most precious.
Google+ is in a slow social rollout, by invitation only. You need to have a friend among the digerati to receive an invitation. So far, it’s reached young hipsters, which I am certain explains why I have not received an invitation.
Having said all that, I would like an invitation.


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