Dan Lohmar, CFP®, Built His Own Video Studio, Then He Shot And Edited His Firm's Marketing Video And It Came Out Great! Hot

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“First of all, thanks for all you do,” he said. “I enjoy being a part of it.”
“I just wanted to share with you my first video ad,” added Lohmar, who specializes in advising United Airlines pilots. “I think it turned out pretty good, partly because of attending the A4A making videos webinars.”
Lohmar purchased a lighting kit and a camera, and he created a backdrop using an $8 piece of wall board that he painted. Lohmar posted his video on YouTube, optimizing its value in search engines.
Lohmar followed a path described at an Advisor Products MarketingSmart webinar and that I wrote about on A4A. We’ve divided that one-hour webinar into three segments:
Lohmar actually went a step beyond our tutorial, learning some tricks on Final Cut Express, video editing software for Mac.  Final Cut Express has been discontinued in favor of Final Cut Pro, which sells for $299.99 in the Mac App Store.
Lohmar’s first production, which he concedes took many hours to produce, introduces his firm. It’s embedded directly below. Below that video is a video showing Lohmar’s video studio in the basement of his home.
Great job, Dan!





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