Dan Lohmar, CFP®, Built His Own Video Studio, Then He Shot And Edited His Firm's Marketing Video And It Came Out Great!

Thursday, June 30, 2011 15:17
Dan Lohmar, CFP®, Built His Own Video Studio, Then He Shot And Edited His Firm's Marketing Video And It Came Out Great!

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A4A member Dan Lohmar took our advice and created his own video studio, and it came out great. Lohmar sent us an email this morning that is gratifying. 

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“First of all, thanks for all you do,” he said. “I enjoy being a part of it.”
“I just wanted to share with you my first video ad,” added Lohmar, who specializes in advising United Airlines pilots. “I think it turned out pretty good, partly because of attending the A4A making videos webinars.”
Lohmar purchased a lighting kit and a camera, and he created a backdrop using an $8 piece of wall board that he painted. Lohmar posted his video on YouTube, optimizing its value in search engines.
Lohmar followed a path described at an Advisor Products MarketingSmart webinar and that I wrote about on A4A. We’ve divided that one-hour webinar into three segments:
Lohmar actually went a step beyond our tutorial, learning some tricks on Final Cut Express, video editing software for Mac.  Final Cut Express has been discontinued in favor of Final Cut Pro, which sells for $299.99 in the Mac App Store.
Lohmar’s first production, which he concedes took many hours to produce, introduces his firm. It’s embedded directly below. Below that video is a video showing Lohmar’s video studio in the basement of his home.
Great job, Dan!





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Dan Lohmar
Andrew, Thank you for the kind words and sharing the video. From the little I've seen of Final Cut Pro X I think it will be easier to use than FC Express. It looks more like iMovie which is very easy to use (and comes installed on Macs). I had to experiment with the lighting and audio and used Garage Band to record the audio. My camera had very poor audio recording quality so I had to make up for it some how. Once I got the studio lights 95% of my lighting issues were fixed.
Financial Co-pilot , June 30, 2011
My son, Jason, who is about to turn 18, is editing videos we make for advisors using Final Cut Pro, which costs $1000 versus $200 for Express.

Last week, Apple discontinued Final Cut Express and released Final Cut X and it's been lambasted by reviewers. (See http://www.pcworld.com/article...users.html).

If you're a hobbyist who enjoys learning video editing software, then doing what you did makes sense. But the vast majority of advisors don't need to go there.

If you keep it simple and make videos in 30-second, one-minute, and two-minute segments, you don't need to do any editing. Just do it in one take.

I'm thinking of starting a service where my son and I come in to an advisor's office for a day to make a marketing video of them and we set up the shop with its own studio. We order all the equipement and set it up for them to use on an ongoing basis and we show them how t do it. Get them jump-started and show them how to do it. Would appreciate feedback on whether this would be valuable.

I'm thrilled to see how well you've done with it, Dan, and thank you so much for sharing what you've learned. Please keep us all posted on your progress.

agluck , July 01, 2011
Dan Lohmar
I agree, Final Cut Express/Pro (or now X) is a bit too much. iMovie is what I recommend - very easy to use and has come pretty good editing features if desired.

I think that idea would be a valuable proposition. What might provide an even better jump start would be to also provide, or suggest, content. Similar to the copyright book Advisor Products uses for websites. For me, putting the video together was one thing, but how and what I wanted to say was a whole other matter. I literally have hours of video of trying to be impromptu - didn't work for me. I needed a script I could practice; and creating it was the bigger task. One could also consider an interview format where you interview them. My set up wasn't really suited for that.

A little off subject, but a good (audio) book that covers the effectiveness of online/social media marketing is David Sitemen Garland's book: Smarter, Faster Cheaper. It's a good read/listen and is really helping me understand how to be effective online.
Financial Co-pilot , July 02, 2011

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