If You Think Google Is All-Knowing, Then You Deserve To Buy A Chromebook Hot

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Google has indeed forever changed the way we use Internet search. Its Android system for mobile devices is a huge success. Its street view and mapping are great. And we could list many other great achievements. But as great as Google is, it's gotten some big things wrong.


It's wise to remember that not all things from Google succeed. In fact, maybe Google's success is tied to its willingness to suffer some failures. 


A scathing Chromebook review in PCWorld followed a review in last week's New York Times, which panned the device by declaring, "as failures go, at least this one swung for the fences."


Add the Chromebook mess to Google's repeated failures to enter social media, with Buzz, its difficult foray into manufacturing phones with Nexus One, and the failure of Google Wave


The list could go on.


For advisors, Google's failures need to be recalled to maintain a healthy skepticism.


Before you move your documents to Google Docs, switch to Gmail, or use Google's apps, remember that most of them were designed for consumers and not all of them have been adapted for business.


Also, the spate of recent security breaches has targeted large companies. Size indeed matters, and, in this instance, not in a good way.


Before you bet your business on a solution, think carefully. That's a lesson Google is now re-learning yet again with its Chromebook debacle. 

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