My Changing Views On Search Engine Optimization For Financial Advisors


Six or seven yeas ago, I would have argued that search engine optimization (SEO) for financial advisors was a waste.


Who would hire a financial advisor by finding him on the Internet? Nobody that an advisor would want as a client.


I was wrong. Or, to be more accurate, I became wrong.


Using search engines has been so ingrained in our culture in recent years that everyone looks for everything on the Web.


Affluent people especially have become so dependent on search engine research.


While this change in our society may seem oblivious to many readers, it's worth mentioning here because many financial advisors are totally obvious to the trend. In fact, most advisors may still not understand that search engines are a great way to find new clients. I come across advisors who don't know anything about SEO pretty often.


Think about how your own use of search engines have changed over the past five or 10 years. Do you find yourself searching for answers to questions all the time now? When you are with some friends and a topic comes up that there's a difference of opinion about, does someone say, "Oh, let's Google it?"


Point is, we've become totally dependent on search engines and advisors who have not given this thought might want to do so.


SEO for advisors makes sense. While advisors are not like a product that people will buy with one click, advisors are getting found on search engines.


Please leave a comment if you think I'm off base or that finding clients using search engines is unrealistic or likely to bring you "hot money." Or let us know if you've been benefiting from SEO.


It used to be you would only search for items on the Web that were commodities 

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