For Screen Sharing, This App Probably Suits Many Advisors Better Than Paying For GoToMeeting Or WebEx And It's Free

It’s called and one of my staff members was told about it a few months by tech consultant Brian Edelman.

Here's how works.

1. Begin by navigating to There is no dot-com address. When you go there, you’ll see two buttons, “Join” and “Share.”

2. You start a meeting by clicking on the “Share” button. You’ll download a small app one time, and that should start the application on your computer.

3. When starts running on your computer, you’ll see a small box with a web address inside it that looks like this.



4. If you’re on the phone with the person you want to meet with, tell her to go to and input that number into the “Join” box. You can read the numbers to her or email them to her. Once she inputs the code and clicks "Join," she will see your screen.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Everything you show on your screen will be shared with people who log in to and use that that code. It's encrypted, too.

The dashboard is  simple. The phone icon lets you set p a conference call and the bubble lets you chat with the meeting attendees. You can unlock the session and allow the person with whom you are meeting to control your computer.

GoToMeeting and WebEx offer many more bells and whistles. But this app is free. does also offer a paid version, and it is less expensive than GoToMeeting and WebEx, but it offers fewer features. For instance, you can record your meeting, get reports on attendees, and do many other marketing-oriented tasks.


Recording meetings is especially useful for advisors because you can edit down the video files and turn them into marketing videos. So I would not give up your subscription to GoToMeeting or WebEx unless you know you don't need their features.

Screen sharing is a great way for advisors to meet with clients on the fly. Any phone conversation instantly becomes more meaningful because you have graphics to show to make your point. Plus, you control the meeting. 



For a quick meeting with one or a few people, nothing I’ve seen beats for speed and ease of use.

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