Get A Free Listing In Local Directory For Financial Advisors That Claims It Will Boost Your Search Engine Rankings



"DeclareMedia has created a way for financial advisors to find more clients help by using their new local multiple internet directories," according to yesterday's press release. "Financial Advisors that use DeclareMedia and get a listing in their local directory can get a listing for free. With free listings, they have nothing to lose."


DeclareMedia has created dozens of local directories for financial advisors. The idea is that when a consumer searches the Web for "Charlotte financial advisors," the directory for advisors in Charlotte will appear and your firm will be listed in the directory.


DeclareMedia says it has set up thousands of directories for hundreds of business categories.


While the listing in a local directory is free, the press release says advisors can pay $20 a month to be featured on a local directory. 


The reason for my skepticism is this line from the release: "DeclareMedia has figured out how to get good rankings for the online directories on search engines, which ends up helping financial advisors with search engine optimization."


There are no details about the "secret sauce" that will drive the local directories to the top of the search engines.


At the very least, however, by listing yourself in the directory, you will likely have another website linking to yours, which can help your link popularity.


If you list your website in the directory, please let us know how it goes.


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