Bing Up, Google Down In Latest Search Rankings

Google took home almost 68 percent of all searches. But that marked a 2 percentage point dip from December. The number of searches run at and Bing-powered sites collectively rose by 6 points, giving Microsoft's search engine a 27.4% share of the market.


Why should you care?


If you want to utilize search engines as part of your marketing program, you'll need to know what search engines peopl are using.


I'm wondering if the demographics of Bing users are skewed toward clients of advisors. 


My guess is that a lot of Bing users simply don't know how or don't want to bother changing their browsers to make Google their default search engine.


If I may make a broad generalization, advisor clients are older and less computer savvy. They buy a new computer, plug it in, and--if it 'has a Windows operating system--the default browser is IE and the default search engine is Bing.  


They don't know how or don't want to hassle with switching their default search engine to Google.


If that's happening and Bing users are indeed older and perhaps wealthier individuals, then advisors would be wise to pay careful attention optimizing for Bing.


That means claiming your location on Bing's local listings and making some other Bing-specific adjustments.



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