Tech Roundup: The New Google Killer; Android Unstoppable; Bing Beats Google & Amazon Could Kill Publishers


Testing the New Google Killer
The Daily Beast conducts a 100-search test to determine, once and for all, the best way to scour the Internet, and finds that, surprisingly, Blekko holds its own.

Google vs. Bing: The Fallacy Of The Superior Search Engine
Search Engine Land set up an objective small sample size evaluation of search quality between Google and Microsoft.

Google Android Is An Unstoppable Beast, And The Verizon iPhone Won't Change That

Android still has one huge advantage over iPhone—diversity. Android phones are sold by dozens of hardware makers. There are lots of different form factors. Slider phones. Phones with keyboards. Big screens, small screens, midsize screens.



Google Serves Places On The iPhone With A Side Of Hotpot

Google Places is now on your iPhone. If you download the app (iTunes link) you get a mobile version of Google Places, Google’s local directory.
First Amazon Took Down Booksellers…Are Publishers Next? (TechCrunch)

Amazon may be on its way to making book publisher obsolete.



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