Launches Six Sites Designed To Answer Today’s Most Pressing Financial Questions

"Personal Finance expert Walter Edelstein has developed a simple yet elegant solution to the timetime-consuming and often expensive process of seeking expert financial advice," says a press release. " financial advice family of websites provides consumers with up-to-date information and advice to help them weave through the complicated maze of financial information."

While the site looks great and has some good content, t's hard to imagine how it will succeeed when it offering ideas that are all over the web. Articles about common invetsment mistakes, how to avoid credit crard debt, and the basics of long term care insurance are plentiful on the Web.  


If is an effort to benefit from search engine optimization, it's hard to imagine how it can succeeed. The articles are too general and don't use long tail of search principles.


Advisors trying to market using earch engine optimization need to drill down into specific topics.


Web surfers are looking for a needle in a haystack. Your content is the needle and the Web is haystack.


The more refined and specific the information is on your site about a topic, the more likely it is that the people looking for information on the topic are a good fit for your services.


You don't find it easy to get to the top of search engine reults if your content is about introductory topics, like the basics of long term care insurance.


But when you make your content deal with a specific aspect of LTC insurance, that could help.For example, if you post lots of content about nursin homes that are paid for in your county by specific LTC policies, you are likely to get contacted by people looking to buy LTC insurance  in your county. 


Creating websites for marketing purposes requires a lot more specific content than what I am seeing here from Mr. Edelstein, but I do wish him well and would welcome any comments.





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