How Does Google Treat Businesses with PO Boxes Or That Make Up Addresses To Game Search Results?

Google Local Listings and Maps uses your physical address to determine where you should show up in search results.


When someone in your community does a search for "financial advisors" with your town name, you obviously want to come up high in Local Listings. 


Google can verify a physical address but not a Post Office Box. After all, you can open a PO Box in every zip code within a 20 mile radius and claim t have locations there. So Google typically penalizes businesses with PO Boxes.

SearchEngineLand's ChrisSilver Smith raises some interestingquetions about the fairness of Google's policy. These issues are interesting, but it's more important for advisors to  understand the importance of using a verifiable local address and the risk of gaming results by faking addresses.


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