Track Hits To All Your Social Profiles On One Site

Michael Arringon, founder of TechCrunch, which was purchased for between $25 million and $40 million three months ago by AOL, said in a post yesterday that AOL had bought a four-day old venture called


The post was funny because Arrington, a brilliant analyst of the tech scene, was not authorized to release the information. Rather, he received an internal email from AOL  executives and could not help but write about it.

"Just recently launched to the public, is a site that ties users social networking profiles including Linkedin, Twitter, Email, personal blogs and more, all together in one place," said the internal email to AOL employees announcing the acquisition. "In addition, it provides analytics allowing users to track how many people viewed their profile pages and which social networks they went on to view from there – appealing to the increasingly vain online audience! C’mon…who doesn’t want to know how many people have viewed their profile pages, status updates, photos and more?!"


I checked out and it looks useful.


When you post yor profile, you can include a short bio and links to your website.


Having a profile page like this is likely to help a bit with search engines when someone searches my name. Just as your LinkedIn profile or Facebook profile is likley to come up pretty high in search results when people search your name, the profile will perhaps come up. It's another verification of who you are and helps establish your profile on the Web for search engines to see.


It also makes it more likely that my profile will come up when people use certain keywords, especially if catches on. So I included some keywords in my profile that will bring people to my profile page, like "financial advisors" and "financial advisor technology and marketing."   


It took me about 15 minutes to create my profile.

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