Office 365 Webinar Is Must-See TV For RIA CEOs, CCCs, COOs
by agluck     September 29, 2015      0.0 (0) At today’s live webinar at 4 p.m. EST, which will be made available for replay late tonight, you’ll learn how Office 365 lets you do much of the work you now pay your IT consultant to do.   Office 365, for the first time, makes it possible for an RIA owner to be the administrator of a company network. Many tasks you pay

Shared Calendars in Outlook / Office 365
by rtclark     May 29, 2015      0.0 (0)             There were a couple of questions after the Sharing in Office 365 A4A webinar - the live answers to adding shared calendars are in the video below:              

Feedback From Office 365 Session on Dec. 12th
by rtclark     December 15, 2014      0.0 (0) Davidh303, an A4A member, really nailed the problem advisors face with Microsoft Office 365.   "Overwhelming amount of information, particularly for a solo practitioner with no IT staff," David said in his comment to us after our kickoff session for a 12-class course, "Office 365 Training For Financial Advisors." &

Profiles In Success: Efficient Wealth Management
by SherylCPA     July 01, 2014      0.0 (0) Welcome to the first in a series of industry content designed specifically to help independent financial advisors better manage and profitably grow their firms.

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If You Are Still Using Windows XP Beware
by BrianEdelman     April 24, 2014      0.0 (0) As an IT services company we are on the front line of defending computers.  We have seen a significant increase in the amount of viruses and hack attempts to our clients that have chosen not to upgrade their operating system.

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