If You Are Still Using Windows XP Beware Hot

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On April 8, 2014 Microsoft pulled the plug on updates and support for Windows XP. It is estimated, however, that 1 out of 3 computers being used is still running Windows XP.

Continuing to use this system without these updates is putting the security of your system against cyber-attacks at risk.


How much is your clients' trust worth to you? Every time you use a computer still running Windows XP you are putting their information at risk. What would happen if a hacker got a hold of all of your clients' sensitive information that they trusted you with?


Windows XP is not upgradeable, we recommend replacing the computer as a whole rather than installing a new operating system on an old computer.


Trying to save money by still using a Windows XP computer instead of purchasing a new one will only cost you more in the end. Just one virus can cause a deficit you may never recover from. Besides the costs of a new computer you are looking at paying IT support costs to try and save all of your information. Depending on how bad the virus is, your information may be lost for good. And on top of all that you have potentially lost your client’s trust.


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