Google Outdoes Microsoft Office By Making Quickoffice For Android And iOS Free To All; Edit Microsoft Office Documents For Free Using This Mobile Platform Hot

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Quickoffice was purchased by Google in June 2012 and is expected to be the cornerstone application in Google Apps.
Google Apps and other productivity suites are looked on as inferior to Microsoft Office when you need to do special formatting or anything sophisticated in a word processing document, spreadsheet or presentation. Quickoffice is reportedly a significant upgrade and closes the gap in competing with Microsoft’s Office’s complex but powerful productivity suite.
TNW reports that if you sign in to Quickoffice using your Google Account by September 26th, Google will give you an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for free for two years.
Microsoft is under siege but is not standing still. The vast majority of advisors are not interested in switching to Google’s suite because the cost of Microsoft is not that great and switching systems would be such a major headache for their offices. But the competition among Google and Microsoft is getting more heated and, at some point, we are bound to hear about advisors switching to Google’s platform.
If you are using Google Apps to run your business, please let us know how that’s going.

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