The Microsoft Partnership With Chipmaker Intel Has Been Breached By Google's Chrome Operating System Hot

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Most RIAs are still locked into using Microsoft's operating system and its Office suite. However, Google, with its Chrome operating system amd Google Apps suite for word processing, spreadsheets and other core productivity apps has been making an effort to overtake Microsoft's OS and suite, but it has not made much progress in getting advisors to switch to its operatong system and apps. With release of a new generation of Chromebooks using Intel processors, Google has cracked the Microsoft-Intel partnership and Intel is signaling its willingness to support Chrome.


In the long run, it's good for businesses to have choices, and Microsoft's grip on business computing will weaken. But until advisors are not reliant on desktop apps using Mcirosoft's OS, they're stuck because apps like PortfolioCenter, Advent Axys and other desktop apps for Monte Carlo analysis, financial planning, and making tax calculations usually run only on the Windows operating system. Still, the slow steady progress of Google in  breaking the "Wintel" alliance is noteable.

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