Maximize Free SpaceFrom Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, And Other Cloud Storage Solutions With Tablet And Phone Apps That Consolidate Them All In One Interface Hot

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All of the major cloud storage services give away free storage space in an effort to get you hooked on their system. Of course, you could pay for an account allowing you to store all your documents, photos, music, and video on one cloud solution. But why pay when you can easily use multiple cloud storage solutions to maximize free storage?
Dropbox nominally gives you 2GB of space but you can up to 16 GBs by recommending Dropbox to friends. Plus, if you enable uploads from your camera, you’ll get another 3GB. SkyDrive gives you 7 GBs of free space. Google recently went from five to 15 GBs of free storage, across Gmail, Google+ and Google Drive. Box, according to Engadget, offers 5GB of space for free, but occasionally has given away 50GB free. Flickr recently started offering a terabyte of free space for photos.  Point is, using an app that puts all of these storage silos into one app is a good idea.
PC World recently reviewed Open Drive, Android users might want to check out Otixo, and Rainbow Drive is getting good reviews in the Windows App Store. iPhone and iPad users, look at Cloud Commander.
All of the app stores from Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Android offer apps that consolidate storage services and this list of above is just a few of the names. I'm seeing more of these apps pop up on for all the different operating systems.
There are also apps for synching files across cloud services, allowing you to automatically back up  your back up.
Of course, none of these systems are created for advisors, and they are not document management solutions.On Friday, May 7, one of the big cloud document management solutions will speak at an A4A webinar. If you don’t know the difference between a document storage solution like Dropbox and a document management software system, come to our webinar session. To attend webinars and get 24/7 replays and CE, please join A4A. ($60 annually).

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