How To Avoid Losing Clients And The Money They Represent; A Fresh Perspective From Beyond The World Of Financial Planning Hot

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When I showed Rodney Brim a report from popular financial planning and performance reporting programs used by wealth managers, he immediately criticized it for not telling a client whether he is successful. Brim, who holds a Ph.D in psychology runs a company that makes that helps people stay focused on achieving strategic plans and long-term goals.


Brim is an indpendent thinker from outside  field. So his perspective is totally new and different. In fact, the reason why A4A gets more than 9,000 unique visitors every month is because we are so inpedendent and providing speakers from beyond the inbred world of wealth management.


While Brim's software is mainly used to help businesses stay focused on achieving strategic goals, advisors may be able to use his system for helping their clients achieve financial and life goals. 


Below is a taste of what to expect from today's session at 4 E.T. You must be a current member of A4A to attend and can register here.



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