If You've Been Waiting For A Comeback By Microsoft, You May Finally Get It Hot

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"After Monday's reveal of the Surface tablet—complete with an ultra-thin, pressure-sensitive keyboard cover and the most discreet integrated kickstand ever—and today's Windows Phone 8 announcement—which will be based on the same underpinnings as the Windows RT part of Windows 8—I'm a believer that Microsoft is the most innovative consumer tech company right now," says Gizmodo's Adrian Covert.



On The Verge, Tom Warren wrote: "Microsoft is taking a giant step towards a future where developers can write once and run everywhere (Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox) with some minor tweaks and changes. Such a step might open its phone platform to the quality apps it so badly needs and deserves."


Taking a page from Apple, Microsoft decided against letting hardware manufacturers use its operating system to make the Surface tablet. Microsoft wants to control both the hardware and software, and it is opening retails stores to sell it.


While Microsoft won't achieve the cool status of Apple anytime soon, I'm guessing Microsoft is enroute to a major comeback in mobile devices and computers.  





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