As Advisors Consider Moving To The Cloud, The Google Versus Microsoft Battle Is Starting To Tilt In Favor Of Microsoft Hot

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For advisors trying to come up with a long-term IT strategy, Google’s stumbles probably will mean steering clear of its Google Apps for Business service. Why get involved with Google when it is presenting all of these issues?
Interestingly, in researching Google Apps for Business this weekend, I noticed the that Google Apps for Business does not allow you to write documents online. So if you are on an airplane or someplace where you don’t have an Internet connection, you can’t write new information to your word processor, spreadsheets, and presentations using Google Apps. You can read but not write these documents.
You could write documents using w word processor other than Google’s and then later upload or sync the file later with Google Apps. But if you’re running a business, do you want to get into that? Probably not.
While Google is really easy to use, my guess is it will not meet the needs of investment advisors. With Microsoft today announcing a $1.7 billion investment in Barnes and Noble’s Nook tablet division and Windows 8 launching this fall, a comeback by Microsoft seems likely.   


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