Cloud Storage Feature War Is About To Begin Pitting Dropbox, Google, And Microsoft In A Battle Hot

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Advisors are likely to use these systems internally with staff because they are extremely convenient. But my guess is you won't see advisors use them with clients or move their firms' documents to them -- at least not yet.


Most advisors are slow to adopt new technology and only about 25% of advisors have moved,  their core tech stack to the cloud already.


With 53% of advisors saying they expect to move to their core IT stack -- apps for email, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations -- to the cloud this year, most firms will need time to integrate file storage and sharing apps into their processes. In addition, document management features are going to need to be added on top of SkyDrive before advisors can easily index and locate documents across an entire firm.


Microsoft seems best situated. Since mostadvisors are already familair with Windows, using the Micosoft cloud apps, Office365, to run their core IT functions seems likely, and SkyDrive will be integrated with Office365.ll





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