How To Use AutoCorrect In Microsoft Word For Quickly Typing Commonly Used Words Like "Please" Hot

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The AutoCorrect feature is buried in Microsoft Word but really handy. For example, when I type “Pls,” it is automatically corrected and changed to “Please.”

I must type the word “please” 25 times a day. Being able to type three letters instead of six, is a small things makes me happy.

Of course, you can use it for lots of different words, like the spelling of a long name you must type a lot or for words that you often type incorrectly. For instance, maybe you constantly type the name of a mutual fund, index, or regulation.  

It will take you about a minute learn how to use the autocorrect feature in Word by looking at the screen shots below, and I guarantee you will find it useful.  

Start by clicking on the Windows icon in the upper let corner of Word and then click the Word Options button.                      



Next, choose Proofing from the menu on the left and then select AutoCorrect Options.






Finally, you’ll come to table where you want to input the word you want to correct automatically. For instance, in the table below, inputting Pls is replaced with Please.




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