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GoToMeeting, a popular video conferencing service, bashed in a comprehensive review of web-meeting software by PC World.


"At the same price as WebEx, GoToMeeting gives you less functionality and supports significantly fewer users," says PC World's review of five video conferencing apps. "Though we found GoToMeeting slightly easier to use than WebEx, we didn't think the difference in intuitiveness of the interface was significant enough to justify paying the same amount of money for a less robust service."


To write the review, PC World took five apps for a test drive, which is a fairly comprehensive bit of work. 


When you read a review like this, however, it is important to keep in mind that your personal needs dictate which meeting software is best for your situation.


For example, you may not care about video and only need screen sharing. In that case, one of the less expensive services may be fine for you.


Similarly, if you want to create webinars with streaming video, PC World's review is also of limited value. Its review focuses on video conferencing. Creating webinars is a different app, so different that the PC World review is of little value to an advisor who entertains the idea of creating a TV show.


Most advisors don't think big enough about marketing to entertain the idea of creating their own TV show. They don't think in terms of finding the right webinar software to enable video streaming. But that is a new frontier in advisor marketing.





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