Tracking Your Sleep, Diet, Mood And Producitivity To Improve Your Health And Life Hot

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The story focuses on a small community of self-trackers who are monitoring a variety of ailments, including insomnia.


One self tracker with insomnia reportedly found that wearing rose colored glasses for 30 minutes before he goes to sleep nightly reduces the time it takes for him to fall asleep from 30 minutes to five minutes, perhaps because it eliminates the spectrum of light most stimulating to humans. Because of his reported success, other self-trackers are trying his solution and the group will report their findings. 


The self trackers are not hindered by federal rules on medical tests and can perhaps streamline medical research. Social media apps for self trackers will enable groups to share data, compete, and help each other.


With apps on phones and computers for monitoring your heart rate, tracking your diet, and noting your moods, self tracking could be a way for an advisor to help clients improve their lives.  


This brilliantly reported piece comes from a magazine owned by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Technology Review

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