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Davidh303, an A4A member, really nailed the problem advisors face with Microsoft Office 365.


"Overwhelming amount of information, particularly for a solo practitioner with no IT staff," David said in his comment to us after our kickoff session for a 12-class course, "Office 365 Training For Financial Advisors."


This first class, which is open to advisors who are NOT paying members of A4A, is entitled, "Getting Ready to Get Set." It covered a lot of ground for an introductory session.


David's comment touches on the interesting challenge Office 365 poses for Microsoft. 


Office 365 is enterprise-level cloud software, which traditionally required people with certifications to manage.


Economics and tools of the cloud enable Microsoft to offer this enterprise-level system for productivity and collaboration to a do-it-yourself advisor with little or no staff. 


Microsoft's challenge is to create a relatively simple interface that can still exploit the capabilities of the software. They've done a very good job and, as Office 365 continues to evolve, the user interface improves.


Deploying Microsoft Office 365 in even a one-person firm makes perfect sense, even if you don't have IT support on staff. But it takes repeated exposure to become familiar with Office 365. It is complex. But it can do darn near anything folks can think of (and quite a few things they haven't). It is the best tool for running an advisory business.


This is why we've created the full series of webinars on Office 365.  We're giving you exposure and making you more familiar with it. We give you examples of how it works in an advisor environment.


After viewing the session, Polarbear said this: "I look foward to the chain of upcoming webinars on Office 365 to help guide me through this complex maze..."   Exactly.


I am looking for to hearing more comments like the one from Mspie756629: "Very good.  I am now getting more comfortable with adopting Office 365.  I have enough background now to ask pertinent questions."


We'll take that as a win.

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