Advisors Beware: New, More Sophisticated Phishing Scams That Fooled Gmail Users Could Also Target You And Your Clients Hot

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Security specialists tell The New York Times that the recently uncovered China-based phishing scams that ensnared senior U.S. miltiary officials, Chinese dissidents, and other Google Gmail users "are a far cry from standard phishing attempts."


Standard phishing scams spray the Internet with millions of e-mails that appear to be from, say, Citibank, in the hope of snaring a few unfortunate bank customers.


The Gmail spear phishing scams believed to be perpetrated from Jinan, China entails sending highly targeted pitches that appear to come from source you trust and contain plausible messages.


Security specialists say these overtures are becoming very difficult for recipients to detect.


“It’s a really nasty tactic because it’s so personalized,” said Bruce Schneier, the chief security technology officer of the British company BT Group told The Times. “It’s an e-mail from your mother saying she needs your Social Security number for the will she’s doing."



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