BlackBerry’s New Launch….Will They Survive? Hot

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For years Research In Motion was the king of the enterprise smartphone world.  Then in 2007 came Apple’s iPhone, followed by Google’s Android operating system, pushing BlackBerry further and further into a decline.  So much so that not too long ago there was talk of the end of Research In Motion but then something funny happened and the talk turned to rumors of a new Blackberry operating system and new phones.  And so the life was breathed back into Research In Motion with anticipations running high to see what the new year would bring from them.


On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, Research In Motion launched what some are saying is their last chance at survival.  We were given an in-depth look at the new BlackBerry 10, as well as the two newest phones that will be running this operating system.  However that wasn’t all that happened at today’s launch.  CEO, Thorsten Heins, threw a curve ball out announcing that Research In Motion is changing its name officially to BlackBerry, in the hopes that this will be a new start for the company.


BlackBerry 10 features a message center that brings together your email, Twitter and Facebook messages, BlackBerry messaging, and any other means of communication in what is called “BlackBerry Hub”.  You can now have access to all of your incoming messages in one spot that is directly accessible from anywhere on the phone.  Another feature of BlackBerry 10 is the ability to share your screen with other BlackBerry 10 users.   


Perhaps one of the biggest key features of BlackBerry 10 is “BlackBerry Balance”.  BlackBerry Balance divides your phone into personal and work sides, hopefully solving the issues encountered with the new trend of BYOD, Bring Your Own Device.  BlackBerry Balance lets you keep your freedom on the personal side, and on the work side allows your company to set policies and maintain security.  With BlackBerry Balance, a wall is put up making sure that confidential company data can’t be copied or shared to the personal side of your phone.


Currently BlackBerry is producing two new phones.  One that looks very similar to the iPhone 5 and purely touchscreen and another that has the look and feel of a traditional BlackBerry with a QWERTY keyboard.  The first phone that will be available is the touchscreen, named Z10, which will be available in the US in March.


Could BlackBerry 10 be the lifeboat this company needs, or is it too late to compete with Apple and Android systems?


Read more about BlackBerry 10 and the new BlackBerry phones:


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